What is normal production time?

Normal production time is about 10 days, plus delivery.  For 12oz orders or pre-purchase labels, the first order is 2 to 3 weeks, then repeat orders are about 7 days, plus  delivery.  Rush service is often available.

How many bottles per case / cases per pallet / bottles per pallet?

16.9oz - 24 bottles per case / 60 cases per pallet / 1,440 bottles per pallet

12oz - 24 bottles per case / 84 cases per pallet / 2,016 bottles per pallet

Where does your water come from?

Our water is outstanding!  We start with a dedicated line (to eliminate back flow possibility) from 6" Tulsa Municipal main line.  It is then pre-filtered, carbon filtered and softened, then Reverse Osmosis and UV.  Our in-line digital quality meter shows our RO process produces water with a TDS count under 10 microns with annual testing showing a conductivity in the mid 4's... spectacular for a single pass RO system.  You will be impressed!  Prior to bottling, it’s ozonated for added purity.