We are actively seeking large accounts with Tulsa region Distribution Centers.  Let us show you what we can do!

Production Capacity

We can produce over 12,000 gallon per day of our outstanding water.  Our line is designed for volume.  We are currently running at 14% of our single shift capacity.  We could run 3 full shifts without significant changes.

Are we too big for Wassco Bottling?

We are willing to dedicate up to 1 full shift to a single buyer.  This is 13 million bottles per year.  While we aren't the big boys, our product & customer service are unmatched. 

What qualifies as a large volume customer?

While we appreciate all of our customers, if you order at least 22 pallets per month, you will qualify for special pricing & delivery.  Contact Britt at 918-834-4444 for details.